Stands for purity, but is the complete opposite. Those who are smart or into sex know that Rachels are the best in bed, and will get very creative. Rachel's always look best without their clothes, and are known for wearing the sexiest colors of bra's and underwear, red and black. Other girls hate on Rachel's for having naturally great bodies without trying.

Be careful though, Rachel's are worst kind of bitches, the smart, manipulative kind that come off as naive, and will not hesitate to screw you over. Or just screw you in general.
Sexually frusterated teen 1: Did you see that girl? Dammnnnnn.
Sexually frusterated teen 2: I want to get with with her.
Teen that knows how to deal with sexual needs: That's Rachel, we just did it.
by Rainbowtacomonkey40097 September 24, 2013
Rachel's are usually beautiful,cute and have a wonderful personality and can be very trustworthy and a great friend!!
I trust Rachel more than i trust my own family!!
by Raven!! August 01, 2013
Rachel is the Cum Box Queen.
All hail the Cum Box Queen, Rachel.
by MacKenzie1993 May 27, 2014
A terrible, rude, bitchy person who no body wants to be friends with. Rachels think they are better than everyone else. They think they are hot, smart, funny and good singers but in reality we all secretly want them to die and slow painful death
"Dude i just ran into this bitch from high school and she thought she was the shit"
"Yea, thats her name"
by itmeho March 28, 2015
When one pushes all of the couches together in order to make a larger bed for them and anyone else who choses to accompany them, because the bedrooms are all taken.
Last night John and I watched a movie in the living room and pulled a "Rachel".
by TayloR Puck May 25, 2012
by murr murr May 04, 2012
the most beatuiful girl you will ever see she has eyes bright blue blonde hair and the best smile and she'll always make you laugh
guy#1: i think im in love with my girfriend
guy#2: who?
guy#2:no suprise
by yomama34567 November 13, 2011

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