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Rachel is a sweet, loving girl who loves country boys. Usually blonde, She has a hot body and is usually shy at first. When she's with her friends, she is crazy and has a great time. Rachel does not usually tell others her problems, but if she does, you mean something special to her. Rachel has a warm heart for others and is always looking out for everyone. At school, lots of boys have their eye on her and fall in love with her. She loves to good off, and Rachel has a wild side and is rare to show it. Rachel is a great friend to have. She will help you with anything, and if you're sad she can say anything to cheer you up right away. If you know a rachel, you are one LUCKY person!!! Just don't treat her wrong boys, she's been taught how to be treated right by country music!! ;)
Damn that girl is hot, do you know her??

Yeah man! She's a rachel!!!
by sonyathomas132 July 13, 2014
Rachel's appear to be quiet, shy, sweet girls when you first meet them, but the longer you know them the more fun they become. They like the beach, watermelon, roller coasters, tea, guinea pigs, and the color purple (who doesn't?). If you ever mess with them or their friends you better be prepared for a world of pain. They can be really weird at times but Rachel's bring out the best in people and are always up for a good time. They are known for their long, luscious, hair and quick temper.
I would have never guessed it but when I saw Rachel at the club, she really knew how to break it down.
by ediblerachel June 01, 2014
Rachel is an average. She's average weight, average height, average smartness, and average looking. She has one of the two most common hair colors, blond or brown and has one of the two most common eye colors, blue or brown. She isn't the brightest bulb in the shed but she's a terrific friend. She'll never gossip about her friends and always stands up for them. Rachels are cool.
Person: "Rachel stood up for me against her other friends. Rachel is my best friend forever."
by SuperInsaneSoul March 09, 2014
A total perverted pedophile that is super awesome and is a great friend. She loves to play pranks on unsuspecting victims and messing with her family, especially. Very lovable and caring. Will help you even in the worst of times and will try her best to make you happy. And lastly, she has HUGE BOOBS!!!
Yeah, you fucking rock, Rachel.
by Dafuq is a pseudonym? December 09, 2013
One of my closet friends, Rachel's will always makes sure you're okay. They will be sarcastic tools sometime, but you'll look over it in favor of their absolute insanity. A blonde, but one of the smartest people I know! Loves to watch non-mainstream television (and then cry over it) stalker of her locker neighbor, and will never let you hold the fake gun while cosplaying. I'm writing this because no other definition on here matches here and this one barely scratches the surface.
Rachel makes being weird cool.
by supernova_girllll November 16, 2013
Country slang for a girl who is "Ratchet" usually used to define a girl who looks like an angel on the outside but is a fiend in bed... ancient lore describes of a few types of rachels some would use their voice to lure sailors to their deaths while others used extreme beauty to get what they wanted from a man which was ultimately sex
She is such a rachel, my parents love her, and so does my bed.
by pimp master T November 13, 2013
Stands for purity, but is the complete opposite. Those who are smart or into sex know that Rachels are the best in bed, and will get very creative. Rachel's always look best without their clothes, and are known for wearing the sexiest colors of bra's and underwear, red and black. Other girls hate on Rachel's for having naturally great bodies without trying.

Be careful though, Rachel's are worst kind of bitches, the smart, manipulative kind that come off as naive, and will not hesitate to screw you over. Or just screw you in general.
Sexually frusterated teen 1: Did you see that girl? Dammnnnnn.
Sexually frusterated teen 2: I want to get with with her.
Teen that knows how to deal with sexual needs: That's Rachel, we just did it.
by Rainbowtacomonkey40097 September 24, 2013