An outgoing yet shy spirit, who likes mushrooms and finding four leaf clovers. A bit strange at times. The Rachel is a solitary hunter, whose hunting tactic is stalk rather than chase. When threatened, the Rachel will rear back and usually stand its ground.
by Platypusmer April 22, 2011
Awesomely amazing and an incredible friend!

Rachels are amazing because they have so many friends
Rachels usually have brien hair and blue eyes, with an
amazing face that is just soo cool
Rachels are super fun, and all the boys want her
Rachels are cute, friendly, adorable and attractive, so
they are an incredible species
Wow! Way to be like a Rachel
by cheekychops1233 March 23, 2014
Rachel is an awesome friend who is a great friend! Also very pretty!
emmm...Rachel is awesome!
by oioi bruv June 10, 2011
One of the most amazing beautiful women in the world. If you date her keep her. Originates from Latin for amazing girl.
Wow I love Rachel
by cheesse June 11, 2015
A very pretty female with a nice body. She can be sarcastic, short-fused, and depressed at times, but If you are friends with her, she'll always be spouting language and cracking jokes about the last round of TorD you played. She has imaginary boyfriends, so boys, you'll have to work EXTRA hard to get to go out with her. She prefers a set group, rather than a twisted mass of half-friends. Easy to fall in love with. Very sexy, cute face, and quite a hot bod. Dark sides: Short fuse. That's about it.
'Is it just me or does Rachel seem extra sexy on Tuesdays?'
by JumpyBurger9 January 11, 2015
Rachel is a sweet, loving girl who loves country boys. Usually blonde, She has a hot body and is usually shy at first. When she's with her friends, she is crazy and has a great time. Rachel does not usually tell others her problems, but if she does, you mean something special to her. Rachel has a warm heart for others and is always looking out for everyone. At school, lots of boys have their eye on her and fall in love with her. She loves to good off, and Rachel has a wild side and is rare to show it. Rachel is a great friend to have. She will help you with anything, and if you're sad she can say anything to cheer you up right away. If you know a rachel, you are one LUCKY person!!! Just don't treat her wrong boys, she's been taught how to be treated right by country music!! ;)
Damn that girl is hot, do you know her??

Yeah man! She's a rachel!!!
by sonyathomas132 July 13, 2014
Stands for purity, but is the complete opposite. Those who are smart or into sex know that Rachels are the best in bed, and will get very creative. Rachel's always look best without their clothes, and are known for wearing the sexiest colors of bra's and underwear, red and black. Other girls hate on Rachel's for having naturally great bodies without trying.

Be careful though, Rachel's are worst kind of bitches, the smart, manipulative kind that come off as naive, and will not hesitate to screw you over. Or just screw you in general.
Sexually frusterated teen 1: Did you see that girl? Dammnnnnn.
Sexually frusterated teen 2: I want to get with with her.
Teen that knows how to deal with sexual needs: That's Rachel, we just did it.
by Rainbowtacomonkey40097 September 24, 2013

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