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a smart, pretty, blonde who is an amazing friend. she listens to whatever you have to say and is always there for you. she's usually sporty, strong, and short. she blushes at anything and is bad at expressing herself. she loves nature. an overall wonderful person!
i wish Rachel was here right now, i need a friend!
by babyblythe January 05, 2011
Awesomely amazing and an incredible friend!

Rachels are amazing because they have so many friends
Rachels usually have brien hair and blue eyes, with an
amazing face that is just soo cool
Rachels are super fun, and all the boys want her
Rachels are cute, friendly, adorable and attractive, so
they are an incredible species
Wow! Way to be like a Rachel
by cheekychops1233 March 23, 2014
A girl who is everything good in the world and just doesn't realize it. She is beautiful, inside and out, with the prettiest eyes and smile and the wittiest mind. Her interests and obsessions are far and wide, ranging from intellectual to silly, and she can switch from one to the other in a split second. She cares for her friends and family deeply, and is always looking out for them and putting them ahead of herself. Rachel is the type of girl to know more than you, but never talk down to you. Rachel is one of the best things to happen to planet Earth, without doubt.
Wow, she sure is a Rachel!
by 1344371143 December 18, 2013
Rachel is an awesome friend who is a great friend! Also very pretty!
emmm...Rachel is awesome!
by oioi bruv June 10, 2011
Rachel is the Jewish spelling of the name .
Rachael is is the none Jewish form .

Either way , these ladies randomly turn up in times of need and are your Guardian Angels. When things get tough , you need a Rachel .
"Wow that lady is a Rachel I love her already ."
by ThatChild! September 01, 2014
A very loving soul who is always misunderstood due to her shyness. At first she is very shy, timid, and keeps to herself. Once you get to know her and she feels comfortable around you, that's when she shows her fun wild card attitude. She also trusts very few and you are a very special person if she actually chooses to be friends with you. She is very unique and has great taste in everything. She has beautiful bluegray eyes that will affect your day depending on her mood, so don't get on her bad side or you'll regret it forever. She will take a bullet for her best friend in the world and will stay faithful to the man she marries til the day she dies. She has extreme confidence and can get cocky when it comes to competition
There's that sexy little brunette fox Rachel I was talking about earlier.
by blueskyeyes August 08, 2014
Rachel is the Cum Box Queen.
All hail the Cum Box Queen, Rachel.
by MacKenzie1993 May 27, 2014