A very loving soul who is always misunderstood due to her shyness. At first she is very shy, timid, and keeps to herself. Once you get to know her and she feels comfortable around you, that's when she shows her fun wild card attitude. She also trusts very few and you are a very special person if she actually chooses to be friends with you. She is very unique and has great taste in everything. She has beautiful bluegray eyes that will affect your day depending on her mood, so don't get on her bad side or you'll regret it forever. She will take a bullet for her best friend in the world and will stay faithful to the man she marries til the day she dies. She has extreme confidence and can get cocky when it comes to competition
There's that sexy little brunette fox Rachel I was talking about earlier.
by blueskyeyes August 08, 2014
A two-faced, lying, boorish girl who cannot keep her legs closed. Do not allow a Rachel near your crush, boyfriend, fiance, or husband because she will have sex with him, or at least try to. A Rachel has no respect for others, or herself. She also cannot function without caffeine because she is a work-a-holic. A Rachel often has muscular man arms and a large nose. She loves to run so she has huge amazon thighs. She also often continues to dress like an awkward poser punk teenager even when she is well past her high school years.

If ever near a Rachel, beware, and keep your man close to you.
Did you see the man arms on that Rachel?
by DontMessBaby December 13, 2010
Rachel means ewe in hebrew, also known as little lamb. A rachel has different meanings but one of them is a girl who is smart, talented, caring, outgoing, silly, loyal, and loves to make people laugh. At first she seems shy but ones you meet her, she'll astonish you! She loves her family and friends dearly. She stands up for what she believes in and people respect that. She is a great friend; she can be mean but she is also a nice person. She may seem tough but inside she is tender and sensible. She may appear heartless at times but in reality she cares. Spending time with people she loves is one of her favorite activities . She is nerdy but despite that, people love being around her. She doesn't need a man to have a great time because she is just unique! She is also quite strange, she likes a variety of things that would make no sense because of her personality. She must of came from heaven for once you meet this Rachel, you'll always want to be around her!
Person 1: Rachel is amazing!
Person 2: Really? She seems shy.
Person 1: well you're wrong!
by Iamwhodefines November 01, 2014
A bombshell of a lass. Super tall, blonde, nice tan, sparkling blue eyes. Demon in bed. She is crazy and outgoing and everyone loves a Rachel. EVERYONE, And if you don't, there is obviously something wrong with you. Even if she is a total wack-job, you have the right to love her because of her name. She is intelligent although she doesn't always show it, she's arty and caring and is relied on a lot by everyone because it's obvious she'll sort out your problems, she's a RACHEL. Sometimes crazy and if she knows you don't like her she wont give a shit. She'll just hate you even more. On Rachel's good side she is awesome but get on the wrong side and you better watch out bitch. Rachel's coming. This applies to practically all Rachels in the world.
David: 'Oh, man you see that fit-ass babe over there?'
Mike: 'Damn, clearly a Rachel.'

Sabrina: 'You know that crazy, bitch Rachel? She's so annoying.'
Emma: 'Yo, Sabz - that is one awesome annoying bitch.'
by 3mi1t December 28, 2012
One of my closet friends, Rachel's will always makes sure you're okay. They will be sarcastic tools sometime, but you'll look over it in favor of their absolute insanity. A blonde, but one of the smartest people I know! Loves to watch non-mainstream television (and then cry over it) stalker of her locker neighbor, and will never let you hold the fake gun while cosplaying. I'm writing this because no other definition on here matches here and this one barely scratches the surface.
Rachel makes being weird cool.
by supernova_girllll November 16, 2013
a smart, pretty, blonde who is an amazing friend. she listens to whatever you have to say and is always there for you. she's usually sporty, strong, and short. she blushes at anything and is bad at expressing herself. she loves nature. an overall wonderful person!
i wish Rachel was here right now, i need a friend!
by babyblythe January 05, 2011
a word batman uses when he is frustrated or mad
*Joker shoots Batman*
Batman: Rachel!!!
by snot otter November 05, 2014
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