diffrence in DNA. e.g. since human has the same DNA, we are wasteing our time makeing racism jokes and fighting in a racism war.
A person from one race can go to another and reproduce, if that is possible everyone is human
by mujahidul February 27, 2008
There is only one. Human.
Specify your race. Check all that apply.

| |- White/Caucasian

| |- Black/African American

| |- Hispanic

| |- Asian/Pacific Islander

| |- Arabic/Middle Eastern

| |- Native American Indian

|X|- Other (specify): HUMAN
by swimalongwithmusic April 13, 2012
A socially constructed term that describes arbitrary characteristics (skin color, hair texture, eye shape). Some people may say that there's reverse racism now, even though the US prison population is approximately 40-45 percent black. And even with affirmative action the best schools in the US still fall short of representing the country's diverse population (i.e. Harvard's black demographic has consistently been under 12%).
White guy (or girl): Race doesn't matter anymore. The US as a whole is not a racist country because no one actually thinks that his/her race is superior.
Person with a brain: Is that why the prison population is almost half black?
by race666 January 17, 2012
A social construct that artificially divides people into distinct grous based on characteristics such as physical appearance (particularly color), ancestral heritage, cultural affiliation, cultural history, ethnic classifications, and the social, economic and political needs of a society at a given period of time. Race categories subsume ethnic groups. (The US Census Beaureau chooses to recognize six races: White, Black, Latino/Hispanic, Asian, Native and the newly category, other. When it becomes convenient for the United States government to make a category for a new race, a new race is added. Note: the first categorization or race was White and Colored. As it became more convenient for those in power to make more categories, more were made).
My race is Asian, my ethnicity is Korean and my nationality is American (I am a US citizen). Mr. Z's race is White, his ethnicity is Irish, Scottish and Swedish, his nationality is American. Mrs. X's race is Hispanic/Latina, her ethnicity is Colombian, and her nationality is American. (She is a US citizen too).
by Mr. Andrew April 28, 2006

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