strange person. always pulling out his gat. loves metal music. extremely awesome. the bad form of weird until you get to know him. then he is the awesome form of weird. is actually black even though he looks white. loves to talk about your mom. hates white people. first two words he says to you are, 'sup cracka?' does drugs.
hey strange man i have never met before.
sup cracka?
ah. you must be race.
by applesoft April 10, 2011
French word meaning "human race". It is used in slang either in offensive expressions or as a generic intensifier (without a reference to race or ethnicity). Mère is a generic synonym and can be substituted in almost any slang expression with race.
Pleurer sa race = To cry a lot.
Déchirer sa race = To be really good.
Un enculé de sa race = a goddamn motherfucker.
Niquer sa race = to fuck off, to go fuck oneself
Sa race ! = Fuck it!
by The Ultimate Cunt May 30, 2009
fucking sexii
large hair (fro-like)
amazing at things...but cant undo bras
i wanna fuck race, he makes me wet
"hey did you see Race today?"
"yea, i got a huge boner"
by PilaFuckMe July 10, 2008
A guy with a small dick
Race is a douge
by bobonbonboobieman January 25, 2011
The basis of racism.
You are so racist! You racist bastard! RACIST!
by Detranova July 28, 2003
Biologically, race is a subspecies within a species. The species that modern humans belongs to, Homo sapiens, does not have any subspecies so the term "race," in a biological respect, does not apply to modern humans. Race, however, is used as a socio-political category in many countries, including the United States. Historically, race has been used to create a hierarchy of races, with Caucasians at the top, but in current times, the term race has migrated away from this. Biologically, people of the same "race" can be very different from each other while two people of different "races" may be very similar.
On my application, there was a question for which "race" I am, but seeing as races do not apply to modern humans, I chose to not mark one.
by Sera March 09, 2005
An outdated word. There are not enough differences between humans to qualify as different races.
Race? I'm a human.

I'm a level 10 High Elf
by Jonbo December 05, 2006

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