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Some one who sells out his race for his personal advantage.
Abraham Lincoln was the greatest race traitor this country ever had. He decimated a generation of white American men.
by yorkie stomper April 23, 2008
One who has turned against their race and/or ethinticity in favor of those who would persecute them. ie a self loather and/or one who is ashamed of their heritage.
"Most white race traitors are rich liberals who were spawned by the yuppie/hippie generations."
by T.Ractorhead November 24, 2006
someone who has betrayed her race by mixing sexually with a white person, Black person or an asian person.

they are all Race Traitors.
racial preservation is foreign to race traitors.
by Sherman February 09, 2005
1. An African-American who is too vocal with views that are at odds with the Black supremacist movement, or that defy Marxist ideology.

2. A Black Republican.
Dat haus nigga Colon be a race traitor. Dat Condi beech be Bush's hoe, n'a race traitor too. Same wif Clarence Thomas, da mofo. (etc)
by DrCruel February 15, 2006
A term used vulgarly in the spirit of bigotry to describe a person who dates or marries another regardless of their racial or cultural heritage.
Mean-spirited idiots call the African-American man engaged to the Caucasian woman a race traitor because they do not realise that she loves him for his innate qualities that make him a unique human being and not solely for the color of his skin.
by Myridean March 08, 2005
A well adjusted, educated, sane person that knows there is only one "race"... human (Homo sapiens).
"I got sent up to prison because the judge was a race traitor, not because I smoked meth, killed a store clerk and crashed a stolen car."
by Riprap August 19, 2012
a human being who chooses to betray his own race by mating with a being from another race, such as a rabbit or a dinosaur or a vacuum cleaner.

it's such a shame Tashonda is betraying the human race by doing it with that hummingbird. She should get back with together with Jaswinder and stop being a race traitor.

Jurgen is such a race traitor for having sex with that oil refinery. Toshiko was right to dump him when she did.
by Nicky Wire February 27, 2007