person from india,or with indian ancestry,this is more common say between french-americans,raccoon is a nickname given to indian people due to their more darker skin around their eyes,wish assimilate them to raccoons whom also have this characteristic
I went to 7eleven,and that fuckin raccoon tried to overcharge me for a 12 pack.
by jean zizuo March 29, 2008
When someone gives their spousal entity hickies around the nipples in the shape of a raccoon's mask.
My girlfriend woke up this morning with a raccoon on her chest.
by Dannyn November 11, 2006
A state of being in which the subject is acting wild, greedy, hyper, or otherwise judgment-impaired.
Grant was eating Peeps and drinking yoohoo all afternoon, so all his knobs are set to raccoon.
by Layne March 11, 2005
Verb. To raccoon someone is to blacken both of the eyes through bludgeoning.
Greg thought it was necessary to hit each eye to raccoon his opponent, but he was successful with a single right cross to the nose.
by somegoof January 18, 2005
the raccoon is what was formerly on this random kid's head. However it is now being sold by some posh hair stylists as hair extensions for people who are not as stupid/unfortunate to have hair that forms into a raccoon when it grows very long (QQQQQUUUUUUEEEEERRR) People with raccoons are generally peasants
Person 1: 'mate thats a raccoon!!!!!'
Person 2: 'i know its a piece of shit isn't it....i'm probs gonna get it cut off on saturday'
Person 1: 'thank god for that......wudn't want it leaving your head and attacking the rest of us normal human beings now would we!!!'
by johnstick1 March 24, 2008
While getting head(oral sex) from a girl behind a dumpster you simply punch the bitch in the eye, giving her the appearance of a raccoon.
Chaz: Man did you see the fuckin shiner on Laura, I Gave that bitch a raccoon she wouldnt ever forget!
Chris: Eww Dude...that bitch is sick! but fuckin A on the raccoon brother.
by Pacifico May 31, 2007
the act of engaging in hairy butt animal sex. the victim is usually left with painful and lasting memories.
girl: ow my ass is hurting
girl2: u got raccooned
by Air Bud 3 October 29, 2006

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