The act of punching a girl while doing a cum shot. She gets a black eye along with cum on her face and neck.
Dan: Why does your girlfriend have a black eye?
Jeff: I gave her a nasty raccoon last night.
by explicit56 October 10, 2008
a girl, or woman, who dates a man only for his money.

i.e. she digs through trash looking for the good stuff.
Rhonda is only dating Bob for his money. She is such a raccoon!
by redwood johnson August 05, 2008
The act of punching a girl in both eyes during sex, thereby giving her two black eyes, and then knocking over her trash cans as you leave.
Damn! That girl's got two black eyes... She must have gotten a mean raccoon last night!
by Benjamind February 27, 2008
slang term for stealing something hense taking a raccoon like action. invented by two beaners in a ranch. past tense may be used as raccooned or cooned for short
Frankie :"hey dude look at that sweet stuff outside the house"
Ivan :"yeah dude lets raccoon that shit"
Frankie :"righteous"

Ivan :"Man I really want that new webo-splash but it's too expensive"

Frankie :"Dude fuck it just raccoon that shit"
by el ivan April 11, 2007
A pussy or vagina.
BITCH! Bend over and show me that raccoon!
by Bigg Sexy Band November 19, 2008
A person of extreme annoyance whose sole purpose is to make one want to jump off of a bridge. Can be associated with the feelings one gets from having their garbage knocked over and strewn across the front lawn. Also, someone who will steal your food and scurry away then the lights come on.
Irina "Wow I'm starving. I think the rest of my pasta is still in.... o wtf!!"

John "It must have been Randee, that damn raccoon"
by John Tallia May 19, 2007
When you are at a girl's house doing her from behind (in the pussy) and you stick your finger in her asshole, finish in her, and then pull your finger out and make two brown circles around her eyes. You then run out of her house and knock over her trash cans.
After that fugly cunt cheated on me I rocked a Raccoon on the ho.
by Bobby 'Muchacha Sucia' Light April 26, 2009

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