Nefarious little creatures with your worst interests at heart.
*While camping*
Guy 1: Those raccoons shredded our aluminum foil! There wasn't even any food on it! Why would they do that?
Guy 2: Because they are nefarious little creatures with your worst interests at heart.
by Dan30 June 27, 2012
a trashy girl who wears too much make up.
girl 1: Amy is such a raccoon!
girl 2: I know! She belongs on a street corner, she's so trashy!
by YoursTruly5683 January 24, 2011
A girl who puts on too much makeup for events such as Prom or ball even though they look better naturally without any makeup on. Most of the makeup is concentrated around the eyes and on the eyelid which makes her look like a raccoon turning into a monster. While in the event, all that makeup especially around the eyes will smear and all the sweat will the makeup stream down her face.
Sam: Dude Pat, look at all that makeup that Angie and Jen have on, they look like raccoons!

Pat: Yeah, I know all that eye shadow and stuff makes their eyes look like the black parts around the raccoon's eye. I think Angie is wearing all that make up to embarrass their date.

Sam: I wonder how the pictures will turn out. I think Jen looks way better without any makeup on, I really don't understand why she wears so much. I mean their eyes aren't even that small.

Chao (From a Distance): OMG WHO THE HELL IS THAT! SHE LOOKS LIKE A RACCOON! Oh snap, it is Angie.. WOAH, I didn't think she would wear that much makeup, holy crap. That was totally unexpected, I think Angie looks way better without any makeup on and is super pretty without it. LOOK AT ALL THAT EYELINER AND EYE SHADOW... I don't think they make her eyes bigger at all.. I mean her eyes are already big enough.

Ed: Yep. My girl doesn't have that much on, what do you think guys?

Sam & Pat: Way better.
by mdnyan May 17, 2012
An older woman, usually 55-60 years of age and up, who clad themselves in excessive amounts of jewelry. They can easily be identified by the gold ring/s one that adorn every finger. Their favorite haunts are pawn shops, flea markets and the QFC shopping channel. A curious side to the Raccoon's fondness of shiny objects, is their penchant for being heavily perfumed. If you ever find yourself between a showcase of shiny objects and a charging, glassy-eyed raccoon, you can try the time tested diversion by shouting "jewelry sale across the street!" This may buy you just enough time to escape a certain, glittering, Oil of Olay scented demise.
You'll know a Raccoon when you see one...
by AxisOfSmeagol May 15, 2012
Someone who likes to hop in and go through bins to find food scraps and other waste items. They have beady eyes which glow in the dark.
Friend 1 - "Briggatoni is such a raccoon. I caught him raiding my bin last night. He took off with some Emu Export cans"

Friend 2 - "At least he didn't steal your doormat"
by smash*star February 27, 2011
Someone who is always found in or near the trashcan.
Person 1: Hey I saw that raccoon diggn' around in the Trashcan Last night.
Person 2: Fuckin' gross, that bitch is hella fucking nasty.
by Mutantbabylover November 23, 2009
A large mass of fat that folds over the genitals, and protrudes below the stomach, closely resembling a raccoon nestling between the genital area and the stomach. Usually common to fat people, who look like they have an extra stomach.
ah, look trevor has such a big raccoon! I hope it doesnt come and attack us!
by Dr. Jeff Cortez July 28, 2007

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