the animal that ate my sweet pet ducks Lucy and Dezzie.
One time a big raccoon came and said "Yum, free duck!" and my poor chicken Big Mama had to watch it murder my poor duckies. My mom cried. And now i have no ducks and a traumitized chicken.
by Leticia July 04, 2005
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The cutest animal on the planet!walkplanitgrade, is about 27-40 inches long, has 40 teeth, has about 5 adorable rings on it's tail, and it's famous "bandit" mask. Has opposable thumbs and can grasp objects, did I mention they are the cutest animals on the planet? They can live anwhere from forested areas, to your own back yard! Their scientific name is "Procyon Lotor"
Hey, look at that ultra cute raccoon!
by Zach February 16, 2004
A girl who puts on way too much eye makeup and therefore looks like a racoon. Also she exists only to make worse the lives of all around her by being extremely annoying and sucking at life. Also has the word coon in it, i dont know why tho.
Randee : "Hey guys pay attentions to me! I look like a raccoon!"
Delux : "BAD RACCOON! Stop picking in our trash can!"
#annoying #small creature #telefund #racoon #coon #randee
by daverba September 15, 2006
A person that wears black eyeliner frequently
Person 1- Omfg shes a raccoon
Person 2- STFU
#raccoon #eyeliner #black #eye #frequently
by Joel Bossy December 06, 2006
When you're having sex with a girl doggy style, you flip her over right as you come, punch her in the eyes real quick, knock over her trashcan and jump out the window.
Friend: Did you see that girl with the two black eyes?

Other friend: Yeah, that was me, I gave her a raccoon last night after the party.
#racoon #black eye #sex #donkey punch #cleveland steamer
by rockgeek December 10, 2009
Red: OMG, a raccoon.
Raccoon: Konichiwa.
#raccoon #ninja #animal #racoon #mammal
by MixiM August 17, 2011
a girl who wears so much eye make up that she looks like a raccoon
#zombie #bandit #emo #dumb #ihatetags
by fyslova October 21, 2010
A Small woodland creature... opposable thumbs... very cute :)
Also, a raccoon is the only animal with a bone in it's boner.
#coon #woodland #animal #furry #cute
by Cliet May 09, 2006
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