A place where you rent shit. Or rent to own. You pay more to rent the shit than you do to own the shit. Just put the shit on lay-a-way.
Come on by to RAC. We have dell lap tops that you can rent.
by #1 with a gun March 30, 2006
Top Definition
Rac-also known as Rock against communism Is a racially socially & politically conciouns form Of oi! music
Rac is the only music that speaks To the White working class Youth
by NLR718 June 03, 2006
Stands for "Rock Against Communism" but in truth, it really means "Rock Against Colored-People". RAC was created by Ian Stuart Donaldson, the lead singer of the racist British rock band, Skrewdriver. RAC is like a derivative of Oi! music, only Oi! tends to be non-political and non-racist, whereas RAC distances itself from Oi! in that it tends to be National-Socialist and very racist. RAC is favored by racist skinheads, although there are many non-political/non-racist skinheads who listen to the music, but do not care about the message. I, for one, think Skrewdriver has some pretty good songs.
"Nigger! Nigger!
Get on that boat!"

"Nigger, I hate your face"

"White Power!"

by weasel November 24, 2003
RAC (rak)

Acronym for Reverse Ass Cleavage:

1) The visible outline of a girl's ass created when she wearing
leggings with either a long shirt or short dress/skirt that showcases the bottoms of her cheeks where they meet the back of her thighs. Resulting in upside-down cleavage of the ass best appreciated when she's walking up stairs.
2) Summertime variation would include the same get up sans leggings and/or with short-shorts.
Yo that girl Erica had quite the RAC last night!
by gatsome January 26, 2011
Abreviacion de la frase: 'Riendo a Carcajadas'
Estoy RAC(riendo a carcajadas)
by 5AMU3L January 30, 2008
A "rent a cop" or RAC, often used to keep punk teens off of mall property or other places. Rent a cops are often haters.
RAC: Get off, your trespassing

Teen: U just a RAC wat u gon do?
by $B$ March 08, 2009
Another word for Random Ass Chick
Who is the RAC?
by RiFbUCKS August 17, 2009
Regular ass creeper syndrome. Closely related to RICS, though RACS has no defined cause; it is simply the condition of being a regular ass creeper.
The person in the group who lingers too long and makes awkward comments as well as awkward silences most likely suffers from RACS.
by Henry Pal January 19, 2012
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