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Often used to define a person of Asian origin, said with an Indian accent. A typical Rabjab wears a turban or hat, with robes, and often airmax, but any Asian can be referred to as a rabjab.
Check them rabjabs with their curry
by T.Horsman February 04, 2008
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A racial epithet used by a balck person to discriminate a white man
by Honkey July 02, 2004
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A usually nervous and anxious person with very pale skin. He is usually antisocial at gatherings and parties choosing to blend into the background at least until a sufficent amount of alcohol has been consumed. When enough alcohol has been consumed He instantly becomes more involved in the party and becomes friendly with everyone and everything. Using a guitar as an excuse to stay in the background. When drunk many a group will launch into song with a Rabjab playing many good natured songs!
1. I didn't even notice him there! What a Rabjab!
2. The parties atmosphere really perked up as soon as he had a couple of vodkas down him!
by Urbangrimshawftw May 24, 2010
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