Crazy, exciting, mind-blowing, incredible.
That roller-coaster at Dorney was mad rabies yo!
by theWaCkNeSsx31 March 02, 2009
A person that likes to add definitions about himself on Urban Dictionary.
-Rabies-: Man, Rabies is the shit!

Other person: Who?
by -Rabies- June 20, 2006
annoying little kids who insist on being loud and spewing disgusting fluids i.e. tears, spit, snot, vomit, urine, diarrhea.
John: So did you like that new batman flick?

Jack: I don't know. Some Twat with at least 7 rabies decided to sit in front of us.
by Grinch11 August 31, 2008
Cool, fun, awsome or anything great in general.
That party was rabies!...meening that party was cool/fun.
College life is rabies man!!
This weekend is gunna be rabies with my chongas
by Papi Cholo November 16, 2009
A disease, strangely rhymes with things such as babies and scabies...

enough said
Ahhh my babies have rabies!!
by Ace_of_bass November 25, 2005
The girl version of a "boner"
When I took off my shirt, I was totally giving that bitch rabies!
by The Enormous Capn July 25, 2008
the equivelant of yahtzee, and burn. what you say when someone is dissed.
Girl 1: Yur ugly.
Girl 2: Yur fat.
by Alyssa March 05, 2005

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