The act of ejaculating into the mouth of your spouse as he/she is in the midst of a seizure forcing the sperm to foam around the mouth portraying a rabid dog.
"hey johnny me and your mom shot H in your bedroom and I gave her the good ol rabid dog while she seizured on my erect penis."
by zooootie doodie February 01, 2009
Top Definition
A drunk guy standing behind you like a gormless fuck, dribbling on your shoulder or following you around all night in the vain hope that he might get a dance
Girl 1: "Whats up with that dude"

Girl 2: "He's saliviating all over me like a rabid dog"
by rahk1234 October 01, 2005
zealot, fanatic of ANY kind!!, who tries to force upon one; the 'my way or the highway' (or death!) attitude! -foaming at the mouth with their beliefs, a 'non-subscriber's' best policy is to RUN!!

there simply is NO retaliatory argument for dealing with these types! -they can only 'glom' with their own kind, due to their insanely 'logic' resistant beliefs...
the leader of the west side baptist church is a rabid dog!!

some politicians are rabid dogs!

jim is a rabid dog christian!, don't even let him get started 'preaching'!!

a rabid dog pulled up in a mercedes, the street promptly CLEARED!!
by michael foolsley May 11, 2011
To lose touch with reality and do something in the actual reality, not pertaining TO the reality.
Thinking of blasting aliens in English class. Picking up a book and throwing it at people.

"Whoa, I Rabid Dogged it there for a second"
by Rabid Dog December 11, 2003
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