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A Rabbid Dog is a very satisfying thing to do. It is where you spread toothpaste all over your man junk and have a dog lick it off. Let's just hope you have a small dog.
Wow Eugene is so gay, he just got a rabbid dog from sallys poodle.
#dog #grose #tooth paste #poodle #gay
by Ben Luxon June 28, 2006
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when a girl (or guy) give a guy head with mentos and coke in her mouth.
she gave him a rabbid dog. She said it was sooo gross! & veryy messy.

When she gave him a rabbid dog, coke, mentos & cum were everywhere!
#head #blowjob #cum #artic blizzard #messy
by crazyychickk001 December 03, 2010
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