Rocks. Implies that the subject is worthy of its existence. Also see roxor, l33t, h4x0r, qoolz, yuo.
I is r0x0rz, yuo is sUx0rz!
by CelticWonder November 23, 2002
Top Definition
It's basically the word "rock", but in leet speak.
"Dude, that crazy hoe totally r0x0r3d my b0x0rz last night!"
by Ruds November 23, 2002
Rocks (as in, 'this rocks!'), spelled in 'l33t' speak.
That new music video really r0x0rs.
by Kevin J. Wangler January 09, 2004
Something that rocks, or is cool.

(a.k.a. - r0x0rz)
That game r0x0rs!!!
by ki85squared January 08, 2004
A type of l33t speak to to show how much something rocks.
Holy poopsicles, my penis size r0x0rs!
by ClanKiller_Intruder January 09, 2004
Rocks, very good. Used in place of "that guy rocks", say "omg he r0x0r!!1" - mainly used in gaming discussion
by MajikShoe November 23, 2002
Internet colloquialism for 'rocks'; to be really good.
Dude, you got your mom's minivan for tonight? That r0x0rs~
by juneadelle January 08, 2004
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