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To fall over when trying to walk normally. This is caused when you walk to fast and trip on yourself, or just generally f**k up a step.
I was trying to walk up the stairs... i missed a step, and I totally qwopped!

I tripped Johnny up on the street, and he was qwopping all the way down!
by Brodiezz February 28, 2011
QWOP is the slang term for a computer game where you use the Q, W, O, and P keys to make a runner jog down a track. It got popular because of how stupid the runner looked while running and how difficult it was to get a high score. Qwopping can now mean either playing the video game or running in a style similar to the runner in the game.
Did you see Matt qwopping down the hall? He almost ran me over.
by sexybanker November 21, 2011