this is what happens when you run your finger across the top row of a keybord
wow im bored lets look up the deffinition for qwertyuiop
by chick chickahh September 02, 2009
Top Definition
Usually the top line of a keyboard, qwertyuiop was the first word ever sent in an e-mail.
Q:What is the longest word you can make out of QWERTYUIOP?


by Marcus Quinn June 28, 2006
First "word" ever e-mailed during the testing of the first networks.
1st e-mail message:
by BradyChan7 March 25, 2004
The gelatine prince of the 4365th dimension. Fell through a dimensional hiatus on the day of his coronation. Eats a diet of music played on instruments made of milk; attended Professor Abdullah Nightingale's university. Good friend of Captain Bluebear.
This entry about Qwerty Uiop the gelatine prince will only be funny to you if you have read The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear by Walter Moers.
by windchimes098 December 27, 2010
A short story written by Vivien Alcock.

Brief summary: A 17 year-old Lucy Beck just graduated from a secretarial college. She secured a job as a secretary. And she encounters a possessed typewriter.

So, she communicates with its spirit, Ms Broome, through the typewriter. After many failed attempts, she managed to persuade the spirit of Ms Broome out of the typewriter.
That Qwertyuiop story was ridiculous, yeah?
by V. Levi April 08, 2011

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