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Being very flirtacious through the use of emoticons and acronyms.
20s Singles chat room rife with qwerty flirty behavior:

cooldude22: OMG ILY soooo much sooo much
sweetchick7: I <3 U
cooldude22: : )
cooldude22: ;) I <3 U ;)
cooldude22: UR SOOOOO HOT - I L Y BABY
sweetchick7: :*
cooldude22: ooooh you're soooo lovely - omg omg ILY
sweetchick7: oh I luv u 2 baby - btw, watcha look like
cooldude22: ummm... well honestly I'm a 47 year old man with a lovely beer belly and some old sneakers, but omg u r sooooo hot!
by Adel7 November 30, 2007
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