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A pusssy fart

Often used as a negative term to clutzy, stupid people
"Josh you fucking qweef, if you drop the bong water in my room im calling sorin on you"
by Gabe "drukqs" October 15, 2005
269 160
pussyfart, vaginal air biscuit, the sound of success
The qweef from her poontang damn near blew my hair off.
by wotongo May 13, 2004
849 328
(noun); The rush of air eminating from a female's vagina, mimicing the sound of flatulance.

(adj); An offensive description of an unliked individual or object
"When the bitch stood up she let out da biggest qweef I ever heard"
by G December 15, 2003
366 168
The sound of air passing thru the vaginal tract; sounding like a fart.
It was like a tree that spitted yellow pollen. She qweefed and the world listened.
by Imm August 09, 2005
178 117
When a girl farts out of her pussy.
"Ah...yeah...I just qweefed, I was holding that in all day!"

"I accidentally qweefed by Ted today."

"Oh my gawd! I think I just qweefed!"

"Qweefing is tasty and healthy for your pussy juice."
by Zenechules April 27, 2009
94 96
When during a woman's climax, her pussy makes a farting sound, often accompanied by lots of cream.
Diana ripped a qweef from her mooshoo, as she exclaimed, "Awwwww Sancho"
by youknowit April 11, 2003
94 147
The sensational farting sound that comes out of a female's cooch and turns a male on wildly!
Jane has a qweef and John goes wow!!
by Ivana Humpalot March 12, 2005
67 130