The Quran is the 5th and final holy book recognized in Islam, some of the others are the original bible and the commandments given to Moses. The Quran was relayed Via messenger from Allah (the god muslims pray to) to prophet Mohammed. The Quran contains the ideal lifestyles and livings of a proper muslim, and is also recited from in each of the 5 daily prayers. The Quran also has 30 chapter and a total of 114 stories or Surahs
I memorized 25 chapter of the Quran so far.
by exzxcvbnmx July 05, 2010
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quran is holy book of islam.
by raed October 05, 2003
Arabic title for the popular book "Terrorism for Dummies"
Do you have any dangerous items in your hand luggage? Sharp objects? Flammable substances? Qur'ans? Narcotics? Radioactive materials?
by George McBob September 01, 2010
A book that Muslims use as an excuse to kill people, especially jews. The qur'an basically says that it's ok to kill all non-Muslims. So, Muslims strap explosives to their bodies and blow up busses, trains, planes, and try to murder as many innocent people as possible.
Yesterday, a Muslim blew up a busload of innocent children. The police found a copy of the qur'an splattered around the crime scene.
by JohnSmithL April 17, 2007
Muslims Are Loud!!
a new tv channel dedicated to muslims who like rock music
by blane March 09, 2005
Like dis guy called Mophead Mohummad said in the Koran that he was da next messenger after Jesus Christ, and that the angel Gabriel gave him a tour of heaven where he met Jesus, Noah and everybody else. Man that's fucked up and called stealing from The Bible!

Man mophead Mohummad even says in the Koran that the messenger said it was alright to take the bible and perfect it for Jews and Christians. Shit dude lol!

So anyway Mohummad is the guy that told all arabs to stop dancing around a pagan rock and worship one God like the Jews and Christians lol I mean com'on lol If the Jews and Christians are doing it, it has to be kewl!

Man if anyone has one look at the Koran and The Bible, they can clearly see The Koran is a plagiarised version of The Bible, and although a lot of it has been changed by Mohammad, anyone can see that having sex in heaven with 77 virgins is evil LOL

Origins of The Koran can clearly be seen in The Bible, especially since The Bible came before the koran LOL

And if you talk to any Muslim they have been taught that if u dominate someone or try to confuse someone, u gain the upper hand of convincing them. Man that is so no not right!

So if i stand there and scream at you, and make threats at you and tell u that the moon is square, then eventually u will agree. How fucked up is that??? lol

The Muslims said that the koran has not been changed. But how can something change when it has been stolen? lol Can you change a lie?

Sited: The Torah and the Koran Rit Nosotro

There are many holy books that religions are based on. Based on the Koran is the religion of Islam. Both Christianity and Judaism are based on the Torah. The Koran was written after the Torah, in the late 7th century, while much of the Torah was written at least 3,000 years ago. Both religions are based in Middle Eastern culture, but in different time periods. The Torah is written in third person, and the Koran is written from allegedly the point of God, who refers to Himself as “We.”

Koran means recitation.
It often seems unordered and disjointed to most hisorians and professionals.

As a mixture of Arabian paganism, Zoroastrianism, Jewish Mysticism, and Apocryphal Christian writings, the Koran contradicts itself several times. For instance, it says that Moses was at the time of Noah. It says that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was the sister of Aaron. Aaron did have a sister named Mary, or Miriam, but she was not the mother of Jesus.

Descriptions are contradictory in how Mohammed was called to be a prophet. It says that Mohammed was called by God, that he was called by the Holy Spirit, that he was called by angels, and that Gabriel called him. In some places Muslims are called to love ‘people of the book’, Christians and Jews, and in other places called to kill them.

The story of the Exodus from Egypt is a different story with the same plot. Haman is mentioned as a sidekick of Pharaoh. Haman is not mentioned in the Torah; he is in the book of Esther. In the Koran, it is Pharaoh’s wife who draws Moses from the river. In the Torah it is Pharaoh’s daughter. The next dissimilarity (in the Koran) is when Moses comes across two men fighting, one of Moses’ religion, and the other, his enemy’s religion. Moses kills the foe. In the Torah, the Egyptian was beating the Hebrew slave when Moses kills the Egyptian. The next inconsistency is that when Moses flees to Midian. The Koran says that two women were watering their flock, while the Torah says there were seven women. According to the Koran, Jethro tells him that he can marry one of his daughters if he works for him for eight years. In the Torah, it simply says in Exodus 2:21, “Moses agreed to stay with the man, who gave his daughter Zipporah to Moses in marriage.” The idea of eight years sounds somewhat like what Jacob did for Rachel in the Torah.

The Torah and the Koran have many similarities, but are almost totally different. They both are based on Middle Eastern cultures. But Torah is based on Monotheism, and Koran is a semi-monotheistic book. Although they involve some of the main characters, they are viewed differently. In the Koran the men who were prophets were portrayed as knowing with full knowledge what they were doing. They trusted in God knowing that in the end everything would go their way. In the Torah, the men God chose to carry out his will were sinful doubters. They trusted God, but trusted themselves more. Yet even through all that God used them.

Qur'an is one and only a ripp off of The Bible and The Bible is protected by the true and only God.

The Koran was written in the late 7th centure as The Bible was written 3,000 years ago lol Ummm... Who is stealing? lol Bible written 3,000 ago and The Koran written practically yesterday in comparison. lol

Islam people of thieves.
by wisemansaid August 24, 2006
the bible of the muslims
the muslims read the qu'ran like christians read the bible.
by sloppy meat May 25, 2009

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