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1. The holy book of Islam.

2. Something that got flushed down the toilet at Guantanamo and now pretty much all of the Earth's population is pissed off at America.
1. My Muslim friend has to read her Qur'an every day or her parents get pissed off.

2. liek OMG they flushed teh quran down teh toilet OMG i am so mad at amerika 4 lettin this happen!!!!11 they r n00bs!!!!!1!!
by Cortana Dragoon July 15, 2005
The Qur'an is the last revealed word of God and the basic source of Islamic teachings and laws. The Quran deals with the basics of creed, morality, history of humanity, worship, knowledge, wisdom, God-man relationship, and human relationships in all aspects. Comprehensive teachings on which can be built sound systems of social justice, economics, politics, legislation, jurisprudence, law and international relations, are important contents of the Qur'an.
Qur'an 39:23{God has sent down the best statement, a Book (this Qur'an), its parts resembling each other in goodness and truth, oft-repeated. The skins of those who fear their Lord shiver from it (when they recite it or hear it). Then their skin and their heart soften to the remembrance of God. That is the guidance of God.}
by BioEng1 November 23, 2006
The Qur'an is the Last and Complete Book Allah Soubhana wa T'ala sent on earth for our guidance in life. Qur'an came after the torah and the bible because these two first books were for the acknowledgement of Allah. In other words, to recognize Him and to worship only Him. Through following the Qur'an, we can live a perfect life without any problems or whatsoever and we can also avoid confusion in our life. Basically, Allah sent the Qur'an through the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him to show us the true meaning or goals of our life. The reason why we are living. If you think about it, you'll understand everything about your life and like many others you’ll also REconvert to Islam. Be the way, did you know the EVERYDAY at least 10 people Reconvert (what i mean by REconvert is that you are born Muslim but your parents give you some other religion) to Islam.

Forgive me my borthers is there is any mistake in my definition
The Qur'an is the Holy book sent by Allah.
by tabarnak February 15, 2007
The last Holy Book sent down by God onto the last prophet, Muhammed (PBUH). The other books sent down by God were the Torah (Moses) and the Bible (Jesus).
Christian: The qur'an copies the bible and torah!!
Muslim: Well duh, all the holy books were sent down by the same God!! So it would make sense to have several common beliefs and messages in the qur'an. Its like comparing a 7th edition biology book with a 6th edition biology book both published by the same company!!
by bebbebahly April 22, 2008
the book of guidance,

Qur'an understands evryone and evryone understands it.
by muslim July 12, 2006
Authored by Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), the most moral human in history and speaking on behalf of the one true God, Allah.

The holy book has also been called by non-believers as 'The Satanic Verses' or 'The Book of Hate' - which is slanderous and puzzling, because the holy book actually advocates non-violence, world peace and absolute respect for cultural diversity.

Teaches anti-terrorism without qualification. Theological basis for the world's only Religion of Peace.
The qur'an at 8:12 says: "I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them."
by Truthteller2 October 28, 2006
Quran did not come from the Bible--if you're Christian then I'm sorry to say some things about your religion like the trinity or Jesus being God and dying for your sins is the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life. And if the quran was copied off the bible--why is the bible being changed all the time--funny how the more "accurate" your confused and scholars make the "Holy Bible" the more it resembles the Quran. Go and learn why more of you confused Christians are converting to Islam at a faster rate than ever before. Learn why this religion is the fastest growing in the world. And if you want to talk about obscenities--take a look at the Bible which is full of obscenities--Noah lying druk and naked, daugters having sex with their father, son doing his mother, whores copulatng with men with penises like horses and etc. Go and read your corrupted full of bible--o wait, do you want me to specify which version? yea that might help--a lot.
Qur'an is one and only unlike the bible and is protected by God.
by thetruth78 August 18, 2006