A song by d12 that I don't realized th at hit em up iii is only a part of and "mention my daughter's name" is another part.
But it sounds like a rerecord cause their voices sound clumsier than hit em up iii itself. So whadou thank huh?
Also, an asshole who forfeits and never wins
I would hate to say that George Bush is not a quitter (with Iraq).
by whatdoyoudialtogetoutofthematrix January 23, 2004
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someone who gives up on something
He wanted to give up smoking but didn't want to be known as a quitter.
by yorrick hunt January 24, 2008
Socks with bad elastic. Quitters also contribute to suth. First heard on an Outward Bound course in 1989.
My feet are all wet and my quitters are giving me suth
by Doug Shey January 25, 2006
A girl who gives up halfway through giving a hand-job.
Guy 1: ...and then she told him, 'do you wanna finish your self off?' So he got up and went to the bathroom.

Guy 2: Holy shit dude, I didn't know she was a quitter!
by Saltydoe June 12, 2010
Sarah Palin
The quitter resigned to avoid indictment.
by Hiker Daddy October 26, 2010
describes any elasticized garment in which the integrity of the elastic has been compromised, thus rendering the garment useless.
My socks are quitters! They keep slipping down under my heels inside my shoes!

Nothing ruins my day like discovering I've got quitters on.

I've really got to toss these quitters
by Queen'Reen April 23, 2009
The clothes you put on when you quit for the day.
"yo, dude. You wanna hang out later?"
"Sorry, I've already got my quitters on."

"Done after an exhausting day. Putting on the quitters"
by RabbleRab August 19, 2009
Socks, longer than ankle and shorter than tube, usually gray in color, made from wool, flannel, or cotton, that have the characteristic ability to 'quit' when you pull them up, sliding back down to gather slightly around the ankle, resulting in comfortable fashion
Dude, I can't believe you're wearing quitters with shorts and sandals.
by Gideon April 21, 2004

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