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a city in Massachusetts which is has some ok areas but on the whole can still be pretty horrifying. Predominantly white, but has a growing asian population in the northern section of the city. Home of 2 former U.S. presidents and the birthplace of Dunkin Donuts. Thats about all the city can boast. Great place for druggies, pimps, and hos to use and be abused. A very frightful town to be in after night, and one is advised to stay away by most means. However if your into trashiness and cheap drugs by all means it's your Vegas.
Dude 1: I just got fired from Dunkin, life sux.
Dude 2: Let's get some yayo and find a coupla fights to get into
Dude 1: I feel better already bro.
Dude 3: Sweet, my sister's baby's dad is holdin some serious OC's in Georgetown, ill make the call.

Dude 1: I met this broad @ a party in Q-town last nite
Dude 2: Did you nail her?
Dude 1: She held out for a bit, but after a few lines of the good stuff, it was all good
Dude 2: Yeah gotta love those Quincy hos.
by cease November 08, 2006
a word that descrbes someone as being very funny, nice, cool, and attractive.
Generally, it jsut means that someone is an all around good person
I met this guy at a show and he was so quincy
by a;ljkgnawe;lbn March 07, 2009
A person who is loving, trust-worthy, friendly, funny, sweet and knows how to have a good time. this person can be easily mislead and also easily breakable, so make sure to be delicate with their hearts. other than that, this person is very fun to be around and can easily brighten your day. just being around this person immediately lifts your spirit and fills your heart with warmth, like your own sun. when surrounded by them, its hard not to smile and laugh.
every time I have a bad day, Quincy lifts my smile and always makes me laugh.
Quincy is my awesomest friend ever!
by nanabear18001 May 22, 2011
A city South of Boston. Most cool kids say they are from Boston if they are from Quincy. And if you do say you are from Quincy you always have to say you're from the WEST SIDE and then say something stupid like " WOO WOOOO WEST SIDEEEE!" and throw up the "W" with four of your fingers like your a West Coast Gangsta. Besides the "WEST SIDE" Quincy is Friggn Huge KID! You got Chinatown, thats North Quincy. You got South Quincy, Home of any real Gangstas because theres a lot of old Italian guys there. And Don't ask me why, there is no East Quincy, I've lived here 23 years and haven't found it yet. Honestly, there is nothing too special about Quincy, except everyone goes to the same Crackhead in the West Side Projects to get their Packy Run if you're under age, he only charges a buck or a scratch ticket. Oh yah, we say Kid alot kid!
1. Kid- Is any one you meet in Quincy who A) You dont know. B) Someone you Don't like. C) Someone you want to hit. D) Someone who isn't actually a kid, but can be older or younger than you.
by Bob Antonius February 14, 2006
Quincy's are usually beautiful girls with flawless physique. Usually very caring, nice and an all around great person. Can be petite to medium in height.
"oh my god... that girl is sooooo gorgeous! she must be a Quincy!"
by Lulu_georges November 09, 2011
A real nasty splatter poo left all over the flush, tank, seat and wall areas of a public toilet.
Man, someone left a real nasty Quincy in the stall. It will have to be condemned !
by not_quincy June 07, 2013
Your cousin's friend's friend. Nothing else. No need to Urban Dictionary it.
Dino: urban dictionary the word quincy!!
Giraffe: Noo, it's probably just a name.
by AGIRAFFE :) December 10, 2009
A synonym of Anal Assassin, Ass Bandit, Ass Spelunker, Back Door Bandit, Bone Smuggler, Brownie king, Bum Bandit, Bumhole Engineer, Butt Pirate, Butt Rider, Butt Rustler, Cock Jockey, Cockpipe Cosmonaut, Fruit, Butt Fruit, Fudge Packer, Fudge Nudger, Oklahomo, Poo Pusher, Poo Pirate, Rectum Ranger, Rump Ranger, Shit Stabber, Turd Burglar. It is also a term that refers to a really hairy and smelly dude.
you are such a quincy
by gabriel the spelunker January 16, 2008