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A girls sweet 15 birthday,it's the biggest event at this age. Mexican Tradition
I received five hundred dollars at my quinceñera.
by Edgar L. Diaz June 05, 2005
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A hispanics girl 15th birthday! HUGE PARTY! its supposed to mean...growin up into a women....but lol now it means...have a huge year of bday presents cuz everyone give double wut they give other years...n jus a fun memorable time. Oh! n take 15s pics with ur pretty princess looking dress! Its like sweet 16s...or debutants!
Mis Quinces were awesome! i had a huge party in a 15s cruise!
Quinceañeras family: Que BELLA la quinceñera!

Transalation: How pretty the 15 year old!
by jacksterz July 13, 2005
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Like the "Sweet 16" that marks the coming of age of bimbos with nothing else to think about, but for Mexican girls who are 15-years-old. It was moved to 15 because most are already pregnant or rarin' to be mamasitas.


--$59.99 dress from the family tienda ("Solamente el mejor para mi hija!") that is preferably turquoise, jade, pink, orange, sapphire, or amarillo.
--big hairdo done by Tia Carlita, to include obligatory hanging tendrils
--shopping mall photo shoot with swirly backgrounds and soft lighting, plus a storybook promenade through the halls lookin' all fancy to the staring crowds
"Did you see Maria in her dress? iQué bonita! I wish my padre had spent as many pesos on my quinceñera when I was her age. But I guess she does have 2 kids, so she deserves to look good for a day."
by Urban Sombrero May 25, 2009
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