A guy with hyperactive spamming problems, who likes Vice City but cannot snowboard because he lives in North Carolina. See Catplug
My God, He's being quite the Quiksilver today
by Momsonette April 17, 2004
Top Definition
Male clothing brand name
I think I might buy that quiksilver shirt.
by Nell January 18, 2004
brand of clothes, another name for mercury.
they used to put bread filled with quicksilver in rivers to find dead people.
by alias_nell@graffiti.net August 12, 2004
nickname for mercury(the substance, not the planet),
after which the clothing brand was named.
the mercury out of a thermometer is quiksilver
by mellowknee June 03, 2006
an erection and orgasm all in one movement
John:dude i went to a chicks house last night and before she even unzipped my pants i quiksilvered
Doug:dude thats uncool
by fuckskateers May 27, 2007
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