Term coined by an officer of a local bike (Harley) club.
Means a motorcycle with the addition of a Voyager Kit... which is basically "training wheels" for a motorcycle.
"A two wheeled vehicle is a 'bike', a three wheeled vehicle is a 'trike'... so a 'bike' with the addition of two extra wheels would be called a 'Quike' right?"
by pegva May 19, 2007
Top Definition
awesomebeastradicalcoolA word to use when you think something is cool.
1. awesome

2. popular; like in a social hierarchy

3. used when a conversation goes silent

4. nice

5. wicked (new england stlye, NOT evil= wicked)

6. good or great
that jacket looks quike!
those are some quike shoes
by jerrythabomb January 03, 2011
1) lacking credibility. 2) Not credible
This entry is quike.
This example will make it a bit less quike.
by Limestone September 07, 2005
when something's crazy/turnt or when someone looks fine af
This party is quike

Daaayummm that girl can work. she quiking it
by BILBOBAGGINS August 22, 2016
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