The person in the room that does not talk to anyone or talks very little. This person is usually very smart, polite, nice, and wise but will go unnoticed, but in contrast they can be extremely insulting and cold, if they wanted to be, as they don't care too much for nor about what people think.
The quietest kid in the room is really the biggest crook.

The quiet kid is possibly the nicest, politest, and smartest people you will ever meet. Likewise, they have the potential to be the most dangerous.
by Laleiluleilo October 24, 2011
Top Definition
The kid in the back of the classroom who is rarely ever spoken too. This kid could be the smartest kid in the class, but every time he says anything, he isn't listened to, and others around him steal his answers and yell them out. This is the kid who is not well known by most of the class. When students pass out papers, they say "who is (insert name of the quiet kid here)?" The only time people ever talk to the quiet kid are when they need something. It's never to talk about TV or video games or the internet, it's always "what did you get for number 3?" or "what was the homework for English class?" The quiet kid will go home every day, with a huge backpack, on the bus, and one day he'll stop showing up at school, and no one will notice or care. People will assume he switched classes and went somewhere else. It would be as if he never even existed...
I am the quiet kid.

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