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A normal quesadilla, only more delicious because of the name. Often the slang term referring to what your eating while you're hanging out with your friends and you need to laugh at something random.
1: I'm hungry, lets go make some quesadillas!
2: No, I think we should have quesadildos instead.
1: Haha, wth!?
2: Yah, you get the tortillas, I'll get the cheese, and we'll make a big steaming quesadildo
1: LOL
by swimswimswim March 17, 2009
1. a derogatory term, possibly more offensive than "beaner," for someone of Latin American descent, esp. from Mexico. First used on Mind of Mencia.
Jose somehow keeps forgetting to pay me back the $300 he owes me, what a quesadildo!
by mcn00baj00b June 02, 2007
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