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adjective to describe the overly gay behavior of some gay people. not that there is anything wrong with being gay. queeritating is when certain queers get too sickeningly gay in public. Compare it to any couple that are just too cutesy it makes you want to gag.
I'm glad you're out of the closet and all, but do you have to be so queeritating?
by ellerphant March 15, 2006
When someone is acting gay to the point of irritation.
"I would have stayed at the bar longer, but that guy was so queeritating!"
by Mackster66 March 15, 2006
Abrasive, underhanded, smile-to-your-face - stab-you-in-the-back, douchebaggery from an individual who says they're straight, is married, but who's mannerisms are completely and totally gay.
Dude, can you believe the shit that Rick was talking on the conference call today? Man that guy is queeritating.
by Harvey McDickfuddle March 16, 2006
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