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A person who is strange and has strange habits, also a person who just stays to himself. A combination of weirdo and queer.

Or speaks when no one is speaking to him. An outcast you can say.
"That dude just sits there and stares at me all day. What a queerdo!"
by Noelle C. April 07, 2008
6 8
A person that is a Queer, and a weirdo at the same time. Used as a description for name-calling. Also the last name of a famous teenager from Texas.
"Oh, that Justin, he's a queerdo."
by Edwardo Sanchez August 15, 2006
98 45
A concept or state of mind meaning to be strange in the dearest of ways. One is queerdo simply by feeling queerdo.
A father uses the term 'Liza Minnelli' as a swear word. This father is queerdo.
by SURPRISEqueerdo June 16, 2011
16 5
Someone who is queer and being a weirdo at the same time.
That motherfoya is a major queerdo cuz he beats off to car magizines
by BLAH BLAH November 24, 2003
26 21
queer and weirdo
That kid is such a queerdo
by matt lenzen May 25, 2011
5 2
An abnormal homosexual person.
Mix of queer and weirdo.
Person 1: "Did you hear about Juan acting strange at the gay bar?"

Person 2: "What a queerdo!"
by XxF3ARM3xX January 17, 2014
2 0
A camp person who is a little strange.
OMG Kyle is SUCH a queerdo.
by Jackattackz January 12, 2014
1 0
When someone is so obsurd they merit being called both 'queer' and 'weirdo' at the same time
That crazy homeless guy who tried to marry me last night was a total queerdo.
by pennylane0000 January 11, 2012
2 2