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the coolest girl around.
that girl is such a queen frostine.
by ?? January 26, 2004
A character in the game CandyLand who is so aweson! I want to take over Haiti and rename it Candyland and become queen frostine!(I am mentally stable)
Queen Frostine's husband is Lord Licorice
by Queen Frostine April 07, 2004
A.k.a Cold Hard Bitch. A grown ass woman who does not care and often says "Jimmy Crack Corn". Often EllOhElls on social media because mortals, in general, are stoopid.
Madame America, in typical Queen Frostine fashion, was content to let her people fall prey to scams on Facebook in the hope that the social media juggernaut would cannibalize itself and die. Die. DIE.
by Cryptomuse November 15, 2015

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