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The four weel drive system implimented by Audi. Also called 4motion when it is used in volkswagen models. It is generaly regarded as the best full time all wheel drive system, and also one of the most expensive. It uses worm gears to evenly split torque to all wheels. It allowed Audi to domate WRC rally racing in the 70's.
That Audi RS4 has quattro all wheel drive.
by Johnlongonfonmon July 09, 2005
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All Wheel Drive German performance. Brought to you only by AUDI.
I crashed my fucking car, I wish I had an Audi Quattro!!!
by John February 28, 2004
A person with a wide-set vagina capable of fitting four or more fingers.
"Hey I fooled around with Emily's friend last night and she is a quattro!"

"Bro that girl was so loose, she was definitely a quattro"

"I don't like Lindsay and those skanks because they're such quattros"
by andThoseSkanks May 02, 2009
a double duece, when your crap is so big, you don't just drop a duece, you drop a quattro
Nick: Yo, I clogged the toilet
Uncle Al: Didn't you multi-flush when you dropped a duece
Nick: Yeah, but this time I dropped a quattro so the toilet's clogged
by Nick the Persian August 08, 2008
When a large group of friends meet at a local dive mexican restaurant for the sole purpose of engorging in massive amounts of free chips and salsa and drinking 4 32 oz. size beers.
I wouldn't sleep with that ugly Ho after a quattro!
by Mikeincolatown May 01, 2007
A word that describe the four events occurring all at the same time:

1) playing a video game
2) listening to tunes
3) drinking a beer
4) getting a bj
Forest told me that he was able to pull off a quattro the other day! I'm fucking jealous!
by wujo January 14, 2008
synonymn for dropping a cuatro
to drop a quattro is to drop a q
~im bout to bust a q up in here
~aiight man cool zip it up and zip it out
by n-sanity July 06, 2004
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