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A sexy person.
That quatre is so sexy.
by pH May 26, 2003
1. French for number "four"

2. card, die, or domino with four spots, pips, 'majiggers

3. One who is generally nice to anyone and everyone, and is hardly ever mad. But, who knows what they're like when you get them pissed off. Like really pissed. Like build-that-blueprint-design-they-told-you-not-to-touch-and-annihilate-everyone-in-your-path pissed.

4. Fictional (dammit) character of Gundam Wing
Quatre définitions.
I don't have a quatre. Go fish.
Just don't get on that Quatre's bad side.
Quatre plays the violin and blows up people for a living.
by miso November 27, 2003
One who has nothing but love.
Quatre loves ALL
by whote May 26, 2003