1. Peroid of life following one's exit from college and preceding one's entrance into the real world.

2. Subject matter of an accurate John Mayer song.
~ see John Mayer lyrics
by Transporter May 13, 2004
a. like a mid-life crisis, except it usually occurs around the age of 20, or a quarter of the way through your life

b. said the awesome song "why georgia" by John Mayer
must be my quarter life crisis
by orangeness May 12, 2004
As penned by John Mayer, a quarter life crisis occurs around the age of 25, as opposed to a mid-life crisis which typically happens around age 50
"might be a quarter life crisis, who knows?" J. Mayer
by ayun May 12, 2004
an early replacement for the all too impatient, need-to-have-everything-now, cell-phone-me-later-to-say-"hey", internet-crazed, generation x-ers and on who absolutely cannot wait until middle age to have their real midlife crisis, they need one NOW!
Jerry Yang is like totally having a quarter life crisis after having made his first billion prior to mid-life and now not knowing what to do/buy next.
by jonathan in s.f. May 12, 2004
a crisis sumwhere in your twenties
A person having a crisis at the age of 22 but feels they are too young to have a midlife crisis
by sam b May 13, 2004
A crisis occuring around the age of 20, 19 or 18.
Yea, he got rejected by Stanford because the college counselor sent in the wrong transcript...it was his quarter life crisis.
by Will May 12, 2004
People who experience a midlife crisis at around 20 years old instead of their 40s and 50s. Usually male.
Tom got out of college and immeditaly bought a big flashy car. He must be going through a quarter life crisis.
by The CJyoo May 11, 2004
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