Named for 25 year olds who are (nearly) fresh out of college, and either can't get a job or can't make ends meet.
My fiance's in a quarter life crisis.
by Dodger Of Zion May 11, 2004
young adulthood and the dilemmas that come with it
My quarter life crisis has just begun.
by The Return of Light Joker October 23, 2008
a time period of confusion, self doubt, and need for change during the first 25 years of one's life.
Since old farts have midlife crisis, and I am under 25, I must be having a quarter life crisis.
by Leslie Hume May 11, 2004
Quarter life Crisis: 1) Somone between the ages of 23-30. 2) A marketing catch phrase used my the media and corporations to instill fear and insacurity in young adults to consume products; much like a 'mid-life crisis'. 3) Half way between a fetus-life cirsis and a mid-life crisis; however, only half a life away from a 3/4-life crisis and 3/4 of a life away from death.
Stuffy-Corporate guy: Hmmm. seems sales on cargo pants, SUV's and Life Insurace is down, what shall we do Jenkins?
Jenkins: I dunno sir. Perhaps we could fuck with college students minds by telling them they are having a 'quarter life crisis'; thereby, instagating mass consumption of these products; therefor, padding the 3/4 profits of the company.
Stuffy-Corporate guy: Brillant! Jenkins! Now, i'll have the usual Club sandwhich on brown bread if you please.
Jenkins: C'ommin right up sir.
by JamesEX May 13, 2004
You are considered to have a "Quarter Life Crisis" if you have had a nervous breakdown between the ages of 20 and 30.

See One Eight Life Crisis or Mid Life Crisis for more information on the former.
"I am seriously, like, having a nervous breakdown"
(Evesdropping Bystander thinks...) She's having a Quarter Life Crisis!
by mandielanious May 11, 2004
From the John Mayer song "Why Georgia"
"Might be a quarter life crisis"

the moment you realize you are a quarter of a century old.
A: Dude, you're oooold.
B: I'm only 25.
A: That's a quarter of a century.
B: What? What?! Ack!
by Sweet Georgia Peach May 12, 2004
stressing and/acting up out in your 20's. taken from mid-life crisis which used to be stressing in the mid-30's, but now has been pushed up due to longer life expectancy.
heh, look at that college student over there, she's totally buggin, she must be having a quarter life crisis
by Robbie :) May 11, 2004

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