The same existential/identity crisis that affects middle-aged people, but at around the age of 25.
- Dude, have you heard about Brian? He's given up college and decided to go backpacking through Latin America!
- Yeah, he's probably in his quarterlife crisis...
by P_gm June 14, 2012
The QLC is when you realize that you have to be Responsible. It is when the job you accept is the beginning of a Career Path. It is when the guy/girl you date might be The One. It is when you realize you spend more time at Happy Hour than anywhere else because it is the only place people complain more than you. It is when you know every word to Avenue Q: I Wish I Could Go Back To College.
See for real life examples of a Quarter Life Crisis.
by Loopgrl5 October 28, 2010
When a person, usually male, finishes high school or college, and gets their first job. Before they settle down and get married, they are under pressure to live life to its fullest, just like they wished they could have as a student, but couldn't afford to at the time. It is usually characterized by taking wild and extravagant trips and purchasing items that are considered for bachelors....
Wow! Pablo just bought a BMW, kegerator, big screen tv, outdoor heater, and has become a world traveler. He must be going through a quarter life crisis. He better enjoy it while he can.
by Nite Krawler January 03, 2011
The period of life during the mid-20s when you realise you've not nearly accomplished as many things as you had expected by now due to changed demographics between your parent's time.

Examples include:
Struggling to find a job due to lack of experience.
Single and still ready to mingle.
University debt hanging over you.
Living at home unable to even dream about getting on the property ladder.
Realising you don't have enough time to enjoy any money you do have.
Starting to get wrinkles/grey hair/balding.
Realising adulthood isn't all its cracked up to be.

A transitional time between the fun of the late teens and the responsibility of adulthood.
Q: Why do you look so depressed?
A: I'm having a Quarter Life Crisis!!
by kmmk17 February 16, 2015
taken from "Mid-life crisis"
which is at 50
quater being 25
one can get quarter life crisis from any of the below
1) Not married
2) Feels so old and still wants to be in college or high school
3) getting Married
4) Married
I'm having a quater life crisis!
by Seraph May 13, 2004
Similar to the mid-life crisis, but happens around the early twenties. This particularly affects college students who just got a whole heaping helping of reality thrust upon them. Signs of a quarter life crisis may include: Constant tears, staring into an abyss of emptiness trying to figure out your life, incessant muttering, an unwilling impulse to curl up in the fetal position, and that crazy pot head in high school just became a parent and you can't stop thinking you will be next.
1. --What's the matter with Shannon?

--Her parents are making her pay for college.

--OOoooohhhh. That's why she's in the fetal position muttering money.

2. --Where's Jeremy?

--His girlfriend got pregnant so he's taking care of her.

--Jeremy?!? The guy who did twenty shots before the final?

--Yeah. Makes you wish you were back in middle school.

--Come off your Quarter-life crisis. middle school sucked.
by Coffee Addict August 30, 2013
1. Similar to a mid-life crisis, but in your 20's; average life expectancy is around 80, so a quarter of the way through is 20.

The term appeared in the song "Why Georgia" by John Mayer.
"Call it a quarter life crisis... or just a stirring in my soul" --John Mayer
by progamer124 May 12, 2004
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