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The same existential/identity crisis that affects middle-aged people, but at around the age of 25.
- Dude, have you heard about Brian? He's given up college and decided to go backpacking through Latin America!
- Yeah, he's probably in his quarterlife crisis...
by P_gm June 14, 2012
The time when you reach your 20s and you realize that you have no money, no job, no properties, no credit (not enough) and no significant others.
Mom: What are you so depressed about? You are young and the future is out there!

Son: You don't understand. I'm in a quarter-life crisis.
by quarterlife crisis May 18, 2011
When a person, usually male, finishes high school or college, and gets their first job. Before they settle down and get married, they are under pressure to live life to its fullest, just like they wished they could have as a student, but couldn't afford to at the time. It is usually characterized by taking wild and extravagant trips and purchasing items that are considered for bachelors....
Wow! Pablo just bought a BMW, kegerator, big screen tv, outdoor heater, and has become a world traveler. He must be going through a quarter life crisis. He better enjoy it while he can.
by Nite Krawler January 03, 2011
taken from "Mid-life crisis"
which is at 50
quater being 25
one can get quarter life crisis from any of the below
1) Not married
2) Feels so old and still wants to be in college or high school
3) getting Married
4) Married
I'm having a quater life crisis!
by Seraph May 13, 2004
1. Similar to a mid-life crisis, but in your 20's; average life expectancy is around 80, so a quarter of the way through is 20.

The term appeared in the song "Why Georgia" by John Mayer.
"Call it a quarter life crisis... or just a stirring in my soul" --John Mayer
by progamer124 May 12, 2004
Named for 25 year olds who are (nearly) fresh out of college, and either can't get a job or can't make ends meet.
My fiance's in a quarter life crisis.
by Dodger Of Zion May 11, 2004
young adulthood and the dilemmas that come with it
My quarter life crisis has just begun.
by The Return of Light Joker October 23, 2008