People in their mid-to-late 20's (sometimes early 30's) that cannot grasp the idea they are growing up...still hang out with high school people, go to bars/clubs, miss high school and their time there, try to 're-live' their glory days of high school/college. Feel insecure regarding the future & cling to the past as much as possible.
Other characteristics:
- Have trouble finding jobs that are 'good enough' for them
- Relationship problems/lots of instability
- Financial problems/spending issues/debt -- Feeling everyone is doing better than they are
- Refusal to stop partying
- Believe the single-party lifestyle is for them even though it puts them into debt & makes them look desperate(males - behave like someone from the show 'Entourage', women like younger versions of 'Sex and the City')
- Secretly envious of those who have settled down, have families/children, careers and friendships made after high school graduation. State 'I'm still in my prime' but knowing deep down they are fading fast into the background
Quarterlife Crisis: The 29-yr old who goes to the bar with people from high school & asks 'how old do you think I am' to every person they meet - when given the answer '23', it's the highlight of their week.
by successishardsodoit September 21, 2008
the time when, halfway to the midlife crisis, you realize that you have spent the last 10 years drooling over playboy bunnies that you have no chance with, drinking enough beer to intoxicate an entire middle school, and fantasizing about a house and car that you could have bought if you wouldnt have spent $120,000 on a private university or two instead of becoming a plumber (seriously, master plumbers with five years experience make 46000 without a degree); also right about the time when college/high school girls start calling you "sir" and stop thinking you are anything but the creepy dude at the club
College grad: Boy, I would love to have a a Lexus IS300 with chameleon paint.
Owner of Lexus IS300 with chameleon paint: I can't even read.
the years after college when your parents stop telling you how to live you life - and stop financing it.
my friend says she hates her job and is broke, but she's just having a quarter life crisis.
by Erin May 13, 2004
When somebody finally realises that they are over 25, still hang around in the parks trying to get laid, still live with their parents, and need to do something more productive with their life.
Man i've wasted my life trying to lay young chicks, i could have been earning a living than earning the reputation of a sleazy pervert
by epyon May 11, 2004
A person who has major concerns of not being an established person by their 25th birthday.

This may be a person who is both not in a stable relationship of stable job place. As a result, has deep regrets and temtations about their futures.

This is pressure due to others within their age range whom have managed success at an early age in comparison with the person having the crisis.
Jane was in a quarter life crisis because she was going on 26 and was not married, nor had a stable income to support a family.
by dwayne May 12, 2004
A philosophical overwhelmedness with the reality of one's own personal freedom (which occurring between 20 and 30 years of age).
When I was 24 my quarter life crisis led me to quit my job and drive across the country without a plan.
by elle_gee January 19, 2011
The time when you reach your 20s and you realize that you have no money, no job, no properties, no credit (not enough) and no significant others.
Mom: What are you so depressed about? You are young and the future is out there!

Son: You don't understand. I'm in a quarter-life crisis.
by quarterlife crisis May 18, 2011
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