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a quanch is a person who would serve the world better by being dead.
i hate that guy so much, hes such a quanch.
by gunch August 09, 2003
A very jolly, carefree person who enjoys the simpler things in life. They have a very loud, hearty laugh.
Alex is definitely a quanch

Calvin laughs like a quanch
by David+Isaac+Randy August 12, 2010
a word that means absolutely nothing;
a word used to describe a nobody.
Steve is a quanch.
by Will Gagnon January 16, 2004
A crazy guy who constantly thinks about "schmoogling" anything with a pulse. His iq level is probably 50 and he has a fetish for milfs.
Quanch: hey baby, wanna schmoogle?

Girl: Ew, stay away from me.
by Cakes1996 October 18, 2012
Cat fart
Among the most powerful of wretched odors is the quanch.
by Phlutsac August 09, 2012
Someone with a stuck up vagina.

Somewhere inbetween a bitch and a cunt.
Allison is such a F-ing quanch.
by ThirstyCowboy April 20, 2009
The act of quanching or yelling quanch in someone's face.
No! Don't quanch that poor white girl!
by Stephen Cross. izzle. October 22, 2008

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