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Can be used in place of "hell" "heck" or "fuck".
*Huge noise*

Jerry- "What the quan was that?!@$"
by Bob Vince December 01, 2008
anyone who is out of control
Your outta control Quan!
by Bobby A. December 04, 2006
Main Entry: quan
Pronunciation: \kwän\
Function: noun, verb, interjection, phrasal interjection
Etymology: Jamaican, Sean Kingston guan, "What a guan?!"
Date: 2010

Quan can not be defined. Usually used at the end of sentences (except in its interjectional forms) it is an ideological phrase that has many various and eclectic meanings. Similar to the tabooed "f" word, quan can act as a euphemism expressing something from being nettlesome to something being detrimental. When used alone as an interjection, it epitomizes a state of relief or happiness, as opposed to its verb and noun forms.
Noun: I can't believe he did that bro, what a quan.
Verb: 1. A: "Don't call me bro you faggot!" B: "Woah dog, I dont know why you're quanning."
2. Don't quan around or you might die.
3. A: "What happened when you slipped and fell?" B: "I just quaned."
Interjection: Quan! Quan bro! I'm so happy to see you!
Phrasal Interjection: What the quan?
by kingbaby March 10, 2010
Quan is a word that can be used to replace any word, specifically "fuck". Quan is an appropriate word that can be used around small children and they will have no idea what you are trying to say, because the word simply has no meaning.
"what the quan"
"you stupid quan"
"holy quan"
"what the actual quan"
by homiehales March 27, 2013
A gangsta nigga who has a lot of friends. He very athletic, funny, and outgoing. He attracts a lot of girls and usually has children at a young age. He most likely had a troubled childhood and grew up in poverty. He is very close to his family and values a strong family bond. He seems to overcome all odds to survive his struggles. He most likely has a very big penis. He is not afraid to hurt someone if pushed to the limit and is very violent when pushed. He is in the streets a lot and will do nearly anything for his hood. Quan is one of a kind.
"Damn I wish I was Quan."
by who u think? September 08, 2012
the ultimate; the almighty; the maximum overlord
Sean McClellan
by Sean McClellan March 27, 2004
when one side of a joint burns more than the other side.
pass me the lighter the joints quanning!
by gregg April 16, 2005