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Something that is really, really fun to yell at whiny, in-the-closet-emo kids who are late to class.
*Emo walks into room late*
*Everyone points and yells*
Everyone: QUAGGA!!!!!!
Emo: Holy crap you guys, leave me alone!
by hawk222 May 22, 2009
An animal which kind of looks like a cross between a zebra & a horse. Extinct since the late 1800's when people moved to the area in South Africa & decided it would be fun to hunt them. Now all the quaggas are dead :(
I have a pet quagga called Larry, he lives in my garden.
by MJ March 18, 2005
Using its full name, the Quagga Louie Car-Car is a beast that prefers non-confrontational methods, eating copious amounts of food to store energy for an unknown date where they will undoubtedly take over the universe as we know it.
Me: Yo Quagga, you a fatass.

Q.L.C.C.: Just you wait...
by Traitor7 January 10, 2012
mammal of South Africa that resembled a zebra; extinct since late 19th century
guys.. look at that fucking quagga. its so very.. quaggaish. ha, how very humorous. aww look, its sickly..haha
by Urkah v. December 19, 2004