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A somewhat ambiguous term meaning hot, beautiful, ready-to-go, perky, sexually attractive, etc.
Bro, is that Marissa? I won't lie, she's looking quady!

If you look at Cindy's Instagram, you'll find that she's consistently quady.

I got this suit and tie; I'm looking quady tonight!
by Eon2323 March 24, 2013
A pointless human, without the ability to use their limbs from the neck down yet still possessing the ability to create a financial vaccuum to their family and the community in which they live (if that's how you want to refer to it).
See: Christopher Reeves-Superman turned quady.

"I've seen lots of spinals in my day, and this man is not a spinal!"
by Dannou Tannou-Kanibas October 06, 2007