Sierra, They Are NOT REAL
Wizards beat quadricorns all day long.
by Will Shouse September 28, 2011
Top Definition
The most epic animal on the face of the planet.
A gorgeous, four-horned unicorn.
There have been many cases of blindness immediately after viewing a quadricorn.
Poops out the most colorful rainbows of all.
Frank : "Your mom was a unicorn-eater."

Pueblo : "Your mom was a quadricorn-eater."


Pueblo : "Dude, it's not possible. Quadricorns are invincible. Retard."


"Hey man, I went quadricorn-back-riding the other day.
It bucked me off."
by Yo'mammawasallama October 29, 2010
The absolutely most fantastical creature on the face of the Earth. It has 4 mystical horns. Its cousin is the unicorn. It poops rainbows and jelly beans.
"Dude! was that just a unicorn?"
"No, that's a quadricorn."
by Attvo99 October 14, 2012
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