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A technical term for the second generation CPU cookie from Nabiscotel which fuses two dualcoreos into a single CPU cookie which utilizes the cream-filled power of FOUR singlecoreos. This chip spent 60 months in beta testing due mainly to the continuous theft and consumption by Nabiscotel's top computer scientists.
Amount of possible high-fructose sugarflops: 8 with L2 cache of 12 additional kg body weight per kg of CPU cookies consumed.
Timmy: Larry, you've got to stop. You're still overheating from the dualcoreos last week, and now what the hell are those? What on earth??

Larry: SHUT UP. NO ONE IS GETTING MY QUADCOREOS. I'M AN EARLY ADOPTER! A REALLY FAT EARLY ADOPTER. 8 sugarflops and I overclocked it with this chocolate milk.
by the infamous kaspar carr April 17, 2010
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