The Pain Series' little brother. A prank commonly played upon unsuspecting noobs by hardened internet veterans. Contains goatse, a picture of a man stretching his anus to about a foot in diameter, lemonparty a picture of a grandpa gay orgy, and tubgirl a picture of a woman inside a bathtub shitting in her own mouth.
N00b: hey guyse whar do i dl haeps of mp3s for free?
e-Vet: Go to google, type in qqqqq and then hit I'm feeling lucky.
N00b: kk lol
(2 minutes later)N00b: WTF!! MAEK ME UNSEE IT!!!1
e-Vet: Haha, pwnd.
by REGGA April 19, 2008
Top Definition
Typing 'qqqqq' into Google and hitting the "I'm feeling lucky!" button will direct you to Urban Dictionary.

Dude! Type 'qqqqq' into Google and hit the "I'm feeling lucky!" button. It used to take you to this awesome website, but now it just takes you to Urban Dictionary
by Connor J. Bradley February 09, 2008
When an person unknowingly types q 5 times on the google search engine, then hits the button that says i'm feeling lucky! The images depicted are so sexually wrong that it is one of the best internet jokes on the web.
Dude, type qqqqq on google and hit i'm feeling lucky it's awesome! There are guys doing goatse and sticking a dildo in their urethras!
by Christobal Johnson October 26, 2007
What a drunk when hes really mad and really drunk says when he means Fuck you!
Drunk Guy: QQQQQ!!! Keep on and Ill punch you in the face.

Sober friend: Punch me in the face then!

Drunk Guy:(opens door and punches friend in face) I told you I was gonna... QQQQQ!!!
by Watsinerbush January 11, 2012
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