1. To be of sudden use for only a short period of time.

2. To be worthless.

3. To be quick, satisfactory, and of no worth towards the person using the "Qix".

4. A prostitute.
1) I could use that chick for a quick Qix right now...

2) Man, that jacket ain't worth jack Qix, breh.

3) You give the best Qix's I've ever seen. Now get the fuck out.

4) Heeyyyyyy sexy Qix, how you doin' today? How 'bout you get in my van...I have a special lollipop for you...
by Anne and Eddy July 25, 2008
Top Definition
A filmy after-coating of substance in the mouth or teeth after eating particular foods.

pronounced: keeks
Me: Hey I need to go brush my teeth or wash out my mouth.

He: What for?

Me: Ive got qix
by lynch_mob June 26, 2010
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