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some shrub Africans get high off
let's chew some qat and play Scrabble
by me September 07, 2003
A sort of shrub in the Middle East... also the essential word for Scrabble players.
I have a Q but no U, so I'm going to put down the word "qat". Challenge me all you want; it's a real word!!
by aleclair June 21, 2005
a shrub (Catha edulis) cultivated in the Middle East and Africa for its leaves and buds that are the source of an habituating stimulant when chewed or used as a tea
I think that explains it.
by Ja (jay w/o the y) July 11, 2005
(kw āt) The word for 'what' in Duck.
Human: Heading South for the winter?
Duck: Qat?
Human: I said, are you heading South for the winter?
Duck: Sorry, no English.
by Kim Jong the Pirate Tortoise March 18, 2011
A word that the Scrabble Dictionary made up.
"Qat isn't a word!"
"According to the scrabble dictionary, it is."
by thecrazymonkey April 13, 2009
a tea like drug, taken orally.
Let's smoke some qat.
by neptune June 18, 2005
another word for taking a dump
Mom i need to make a qat!
by zack December 03, 2004

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