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when a girl shaves off all her pubs.
I don't like to have a q ball it makes me feel like a little girl!
by Becca Mendoza November 08, 2006
A mixture of the anti-psychotic prescription pill Quetiapine and cocaine. Snorting Quetiapine gets you super drunk off otherwise small amounts of alcohol, as such mixing it with coke is a good time (and quite dangerous).
Wanna rail some q-balls? ...Yeah brah, lets get fucked up.

Check out quetiapine on erowid

wiki- "Q-Ball" is a colloquialism for quetiapine
by Dr Neal Callaghan February 05, 2014
A verb used to describe an incident when an object topples over due to sheer stupidity.
The tire shop who changed my tires qball my car and now it's wrecked.
by CPForYou January 16, 2009
Slang for a bald head on a white man. Named after the ball on the game pool, for the shining Q-ball.
1. After Vic got his head shaved, he sure had a Q-ball on him.

2. The man who works with me has a shining Q-ball, and it's like a runway beacon when it shines.
by velvy March 22, 2007

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