when a girl shaves off all her pubs.
I don't like to have a q ball it makes me feel like a little girl!
#cue ball #smooth #no pubs #hairless #pubeless
by Becca Mendoza November 08, 2006
Top Definition
A mixture of the anti-psychotic prescription pill Quetiapine and cocaine. Snorting Quetiapine gets you super drunk off otherwise small amounts of alcohol, as such mixing it with coke is a good time (and quite dangerous).
Wanna rail some q-balls? ...Yeah brah, lets get fucked up.

Check out quetiapine on erowid

wiki- "Q-Ball" is a colloquialism for quetiapine
#quetiapine #qballs #q-balls #cocaine #narcotics #snorting drugs #prescription pills #railing lines
by Dr Neal Callaghan February 05, 2014
A verb used to describe an incident when an object topples over due to sheer stupidity.
The tire shop who changed my tires qball my car and now it's wrecked.

#qball #tire #change #lotus #topple
by CPForYou January 16, 2009
Slang for a bald head on a white man. Named after the ball on the game pool, for the shining Q-ball.
1. After Vic got his head shaved, he sure had a Q-ball on him.

2. The man who works with me has a shining Q-ball, and it's like a runway beacon when it shines.
#bald #8-ball #runway beacon #baldy #q
by velvy March 22, 2007
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