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Using Pythagoras Theorem, the third side of a right-angled triangle can be calculated when two sides are given.

Suppose A = length of hypotenuse and
B & C = lengths of the sides containing the right angle

Then (A^2) = (B^2)+(C^2)


If a = angle opposite side A ( =90 degrees)

b = angle opposite side B

c = angle opposite side C

then B = A sin a and C = A cos a

Squaring and adding,we get the result.
Pythagorean triplets:



by Jai Shri Ram May 20, 2005
Simply put, in a triangle, the square of the hypoteneuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides. Simple as that.
the pythagorean theorem, in a simple mathematical formula, is: a² = b² + c²

where a is the hypoteneuse and b & c are the other two sides

pythagoras theorem
by DannoMack April 12, 2006
A fucking useless maths thing that u will never need to use.
i can't believe we have a test on pythagoras theorem. its not like we will ever use it later on in life
by Christopher Mckay February 22, 2006
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