A name, most commonly mistaken as 'ownerer', given to a person who pwns all the other pwners out there. Pwners are people who pwn n00bs.
1) Let's see who the real pwnerer is now!

2) A: It's spelled o-w-n-e-r-e-r.
B: No, it's p-w-n-e-r-e-r. you n00b. I pwn you.
by teh lawl master February 02, 2007
Top Definition
A person who pwns people at something.
There is no true pwnerer,one may be close to the title but to truly pwn,one must pwn at all games. And when you meet him/her, you will only know him/her as
"The Pwnerer"

"A true pwnerer pwns at all games"
He/She is The Pwnerer of n00bs around the world.
by Jon April 25, 2005

One who pwns the most in any particular situation.
Possessor of inherent pwnage.

syn. pwninatorr

Player 1: I made a pile of noob wax at the spawn point.
Player 2: Pwnerer!!
by kidloco July 01, 2006
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